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UNITED: Michail Boldyrew, of Fern Bay, with his brother Ivan Boldyrew, of Russia, together at Newcastle Airport. THEY have lived their lives on separate sides of the globe–onein Russia, the other in .

Michail Boldyrew, who turns 92 on Tuesday,had an emotional first meeting with his brother IvanBoldyrew, 72, after the younger brother’splane touched downat Newcastle Airport on Monday.

Ivan Boldyrew had spent two daysundertaking four flightsfromRostov-on-Don, Russia, with his grandson, also named Ivan, 28, to .

The brothersclungto one another and wept in the arrivals lounge of the airport upon seeing each other.

“I feel terrific,” Michail Boldyrew said through his tears.“It’s the first time I have seen him and I am 92 tomorrow.”

Meeting his only sibling was a good birthday present, he said.

The back story of the brothers is typical of many in Europe during and post World War II.

Atjust 16 years oldMichailBoldyrew was taken from his family in Russia to Germany where he was forced to work as alabourer, according to hisdaughter Tamara Flanagan, of Bangalow.

“The Germans would take the eldest boy and then they would come back and take the next one,” Ms Flanagan said.“They had to do different jobs.”

Ivan Boldyrew was yet to be born. MrBoldyrewwould never see his father again. Hismother would visit only once.

At the end of the war, MrBoldyrewwas one of 11 million foreigners freed from Germany by the allies.

He came to in 1953 by boat seeking a better life for his young family, but in doing so he left hisfamily-of-birth behind.

He brought with him his Ukrainian wife Katie.

The couplemetat an armycamp dancein Germany. They married in 1947.

Their son Alexwas born in the camp andMs Flanagan was later born in Belgium.

After the war, Mr Boldyrewworked in the coal mines of Belgium under a deal which meant he could immigrate to after two years labour.

In, they first lived at a camp for new settlers at Nelson Bay.

Speaking no English, the couple had to teach themselves the language from food labels.

Their youngest child, Michael,was born at Stockton Hospital–making them a family born across five countries.

MrBoldyrewfound work at the BHP steelworks as a riggerand moved the family to live in a milk shed with only a concrete floor and no electricity for a year.

The family also spent time living in the garage of a friend’s house before buying land at Fern Bay. He later built a home for his family at Fern Bay.

Ivan Boldyrew and his grandson will spend 19 days in with extended family before returning to Russia.

Your guide to the Hunter’s best music, movies and theatre



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DRIVEN: Caiti Baker finally released her debut solo record Zinc last week and the Cambridge Hotel will be one of the first places to hear her new tunes on Thursday. MUSIC5 SawyersSaturday, DJ Lionette. Sunday, Jerome.

48 Watt Street Thursday, Sarah McLeod, Bravo Victor.

Anna Bay TavernSaturday, Purple Hearts.

Argyle HouseSaturday, Throwbacks.

Hotel CessnockSaturday, Outerphase.

Bar Petite Friday, CrocQ. Saturday, Aaron Hood.

Battlesticks BarThursday,Richard Walker.Friday,Entity akaEddy Tolhurst.Saturday,Little Cents.Sunday,Nick Connors.

Beach Hotel Friday, Battle Of The Bands. Sunday, Misbehave.

Bellbird Hotel Saturday, Chad Shuttleworth.

Belmont 16sFriday, Bobby C, Rockin’ Eddie Band. Saturday, Cruzers, Michael Muchow.Sunday, Klassic Blak.

Belmont Hotel Thursday, Jackson Halliday. Saturday, X&Y Duo. Sunday, Chris Saxby.

Belmore HotelSaturday, Xyz.

Beresfield Bowling Club Friday, 24 Hours. Saturday, Motown Magic. Sunday, Red Dirt Country Band.

Black Malabar Thursday, The Shane Pacey Blues Trio.

Blackbutt Hotel Friday, Ryan Daley.

The BradfordFriday, Jackson Broadway.Saturday, Duplexity.

Burwood InnFriday,Ngariki.Saturday,DJ Surian.

Cambridge Hotel Thursday, Caiti Baker. Friday, The Gooch Palms, Pist Idiots (Glasshouse), These New South Whales, PALS, treasuretroves (warehouse). Saturday, Craze ft.Seek N Destroy,Amy-Jane Brand. Sunday,Paper Thin,Self Talk, Safe Hands.

Cardiff RSL Club Friday, Kristy James. Saturday, DV8.

Catho PubSaturday, Shawn Lidster.Sunday, Crawfish Stew Band.

Caves Beachside Hotel Saturday,Frank Sultana and the Sinister Kids.

Central Charlestown Leagues Club Friday, Melody Feder. Saturday, Ryan Daley.

Central HotelStroudSaturday,Kenny Jewell.

Cessnock Leagues Club Friday, Beth Gleeson. Saturday, Rendezvous.

Charlestown Bowling Club Friday, The DuoTones.

Civic Theatre Saturday, Status Quo (UK), Travis Collins. Wednesday, Beatlemania On Tour.

Clarendon Hotel Friday, Karen O’Shea. Saturday, Phil McKnight.

Club Kotara Friday, Daniel Arvidson. Saturday, Love That Hat.

Club LemonTree Friday, Dream Catchers. Saturday, Kristy James.

Club Maitland City Friday, Steve Werren.

Colliery Inn Friday, Zane Penn.

Commercial HotelBoolarooFriday, Junior & Luana.

Commercial Hotel MorpethFriday, Lennie Live.

​Criterion Hotel Carrington Sunday, Pete Gelzinnis.

Criterion Hotel WestonSaturday, Dos Eager.

Customs HouseFriday, Lauren Arms. Saturday, Ben Travis. Sunday, Arley Black, Sunset Club.

Cypress Lakes Friday, Adam Miller. Saturday, Matt Gaudry.

D’Albora Marina Sunday, Kim.

Denman HotelSunday, Brendan Watson.

Duke Of WellingtonFriday, Dave Carter.Saturday, The DuoTones.

East Cessnock Bowling Club Saturday, Paul Watters. Sunday, Snowy Robson, Wayne Rogers, About Face.

East Maitland Bowling Club Friday, 4 Letter Word. Saturday, Shooting Molly. Sunday, Zane Penn.

East’s Leisure & Golf Club Saturday, Joel Oakhill.

Edgeworth Bowling Club Sunday, Roxy.

Edgeworth TavernFriday, Hellbent.Saturday, Marriah.Sunday, Kelly Griffith.

The Edwards Friday, Young Folks.

Exchange Hotel Saturday, D.Love.

Finnegans Saturday, Kidd Kaos & Lannon.

FogHorn Brewhouse Friday, Anyerin. Saturday, Tim Harding.

Gateshead Tavern Thursday, Open Mic Jam. Friday,Pete Gilchrist.Sunday,Twangsters.

George Tavern Friday, Tyler John. Saturday, The De Lisle Project.

Grand Hotel Tuesday, Sprowell.

Grand Junction Hotel Saturday, Kate Oliver, Gleny Rae Virus, Rob Luckey & The Lucky Bastards.

Greenroof Hotel Friday, Dean Kyrwood.

Gunyah Hotel Saturday, 4 Letter Word. Sunday, Catfish Soup.

​Hamilton Station HotelThursday, Whispering Jackie, Royal Chant, The Med Heads, Trouble In Paradise. Friday, Rort Menace, Rage, The Hard Word, Sentimental Abuse.

Harrigan’s Pokolbin Friday, Project X. Saturday, John Larder, Gen-X. Sunday, Grant Walmsley & Friends.

Hexham Bowling Club Saturday, 2GoodReasons.

Honeysuckle Hotel Friday, Tre Soul. Saturday, The Big Bang.Sunday, Mick Jones, CrocQ.

Hotel Cessnock Saturday, Pete Gelzinnis.

Hotel Delany Friday, Dos Eager. Saturday, Evergreen.

Hotel JesmondFriday, Oversteer.

Jewells Tavern Saturday, The Blues Rattlers, Steve Edmonds Band, Jungle Kings.

The Junction Hotel Friday, Max Jackson. Saturday, Marissa.

Kent HotelFriday, Overload. Saturday, Loose Bazooka. Sunday, Voodoo Express.

Lake Macquarie Tavern Friday, Josh & Liv.

Lake Macquarie Yacht Club Friday, Peter Stephanson. Sunday, Andrew G.

Lakeside Village TavernSaturday,Viagro.

Lambton Park Hotel Friday,Grant Walmsley Freebird Duo Unplugged.

Lass O’GowrieFriday,The Mis-made,Kvlts of Vice,Particles. Saturday, Mar Haze, Wolves In Fashion, D’yer Ma’ker, Slim Customers, The Marquis, Zen Haircuts, Wilson & The Castaways, Underachiever, Ill Sylvester.

Lizotte’sThursday,n Burlesque Festival. Moving Pictures, Apollo Hooks. Saturday, Casey Donovan,Sienna Lace, Paris Grace. Sunday, The Edith Piaf Story.

Lochinvar Hotel Saturday, Scully.

Lucky Hotel Friday, Jerome. Saturday, Howie & Alex. Sunday, The Gleesons.

Mark Hotel Friday, Mike Vee. Saturday, Dr Zoom. Sunday, Anthology.

Mary Ellen Friday, Banddits. Saturday, Misbehave. Sunday, Jason Bone.

Maryland Tavern Saturday, The Remedy.

Mavericks On The Bay Friday, Matt McLaren. Saturday, Robbie T. Sunday, Greg Bryce.

Mavericks On Darby Friday, Mardy Leith. Saturday, Jackson Halliday.

Mayfield Ex-ServicesFriday, Mark Lee. Saturday, Loko.

Metropolitan Hotel Hotel Friday, Trataka. Saturday, One World.

Mezz Bar at Wallsend DiggersFriday,Hurricane Fall. Saturday,Triple Zero. Sunday, Blues Bombers.

Morriset Country ClubFriday, Duplexity.

Muree Golf ClubFriday, Brett O’Malley.

Murray’s Brewery Sunday, Jim Overend.

Nag’s Head Hotel Friday, Mick Jones. Saturday, Anthony Lee.

Neath Hotel Saturday, Witchery.

Nelson Bay Bowling ClubFriday, Layth Gunn.Saturday, One Night Only – The Bee Gees Show.

Nelson Bay Diggers Friday, Dr Zoom. Saturday,The Blue Water Cowboys. Sunday, Melody Feder.

Nelson Bay Golf Club Friday, Gareth Hudson. Saturday, Pete Hibbert.

Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club Friday, Tom Christie. Sunday, Mark Wells.

Northern Star HotelFriday,Fool On A Stool.Saturday,Dean Kyrwood.

Oceanview Hotel Friday, Paparazzi.

Pedens CessnockFriday, Chris Unicomb.Saturday, The V Dubs.

Pippis At The Point Friday, Chad Shuttleworth, Joel Oakhill. Saturday, Mardmax. Sunday, Bonny Rai.

Potters Brewery Friday, Kaylah Anne. Saturday, Logan.

Premier HotelSaturday, Secret Society. Sunday, Milestones.

Queens Wharf Hotel Friday, Megan Core, Paperboy. Saturday, Matt Semmens, Kim & Mik. Sunday, Love That Hat.

Raymond Terrace Bowling Club Sunday, Kaylah Anne.

Royal Federal HotelBranxton Friday, Hummingbirds.

Royal Hotel SingletonSunday, The Hitpit.

Royal Motor Yacht Club TorontoSunday, Murray Byfield.

Rutherford Hotel Saturday, Kellie Cain.

Seabreeze HotelSunday, Georgina Grimshaw.

Shenanigans at the ImperialFriday,Codi Kaye.Saturday,Fool On A Stool.Sunday,Jye Sharp.

Shortland Hotel Friday, Russell Snape. Saturday, Jon Matthews.

Small Ballroom Friday, Peter Bibby, Nicholas Connors.

Snake Gully HotelSaturday, Steel City.

Soldiers Point Bowling ClubFriday, Solid Gold Party Night.

South Newcastle Leagues Club Saturday, Arley Black.

Spinning Wheel Hotel Friday, Pistol Pete.

Stag and Hunter Hotel Thursday, The Double Up Lounge. Friday, Kate Oliver, Gleny RaeVirus, Rob Luckey & The Lucky Bastards.Saturday, Josh Needs.

Station HotelKurri Kurri Saturday, Extreme Mobile Entertainment.

Stockton Bowling Club Friday, Phil McKnight. Sunday, Karen & Milton.

Stockton RSLClub Saturday, Wayne & The Wanderers.

Swansea RSLClub Saturday, Earthbound.

Tanilba Bay Golf ClubFriday, Angie.

Tea Gardens Hotel Saturday, James Osborn.

Tilligerry RSLFriday, Arcane.Saturday, Deborah Sinclair.

Toronto Diggers Saturday, 40 Up Club.

Toronto Hotel Sunday, Boney Rivers.

Toronto Workers Saturday, Mick Jones. Sunday, Max Jackson.

Town Hall Hotel Saturday, Brendan Murphy.

Victoria Hotel Hinton Friday, Kevin O’Hara. Saturday, Pistol Pete.

Wangi HotelSaturday, Bob Allan.Sunday, Daxton Monaghan.

Wangi Wangi RSLClub Sunday, Bernie.

Warners At The Bay Friday, Ben Travis. Saturday, All Access 80s.

Warners Bay Hotel Saturday, The Smarts.

Westfield Kotara Saturday, Melody Feder.

Weston WorkersSaturday, Mark Lee.

Wests Cardiff Friday, Midnight Drifters. Saturday,Blue Suede Boppers,The Sydney Swing Cats. Sunday,Jake Rattle & Roll.

Wests New Lambton Thursday, Angamus.Friday,Mark Wells Duo.Saturday,Big Night Out. Tuesday, Angamus.

West Wallsend Workers Club Friday, Kim.

Wickham Park HotelFriday,Bad Luck Kitty.Saturday,Grant Walmsley Freebird Unplugged,Fishfry + Pow Wow.Sunday,Kellie Cain,Floyd Vincent & The Temple Dogs.

Windale Gateshead Bowling Club Friday, Wayne & The Wanderers.

Windsor Castle Hotel Saturday, Bobby C.

MOVIESA Monster Calls(PG)A boy seeks the help of a tree monster to cope with his single mother’s terminal illness. (Regal)

Battle Of The Sexes(PG)The true story of the 1973 tennis match between world No.1Billie Jean Kingand ex-champ Bobby Riggs.

Blade Runner 2049(MA)Set 30 years after the first film, a new blade runner, unearths asecret that could plunge society into chaos.

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie(G)Twopranksters hypnotize their principal into thinking he’s adimwitted superhero.

Flatliners(M)Medical students experiment with”near death” experiences that involve past tragedies until the consequences jeopardize their lives.

Gifted(PG)Frank, a single man raising his child prodigy niece Mary, is drawn into a custody battle with his mother. (Lake Cinema)

Hampstead(PG)An American widow finds unexpected love with a man living wild on Hampstead Heath. (Regal)

Happy Death Day (M)Tree must relive the same day over and over again until she figures out who is trying to kill her and why.

It(MA) Something is terrorising Maine children in this supernatural horror.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle(MA)When an attack on the Kingsman headquarters takes place Eggsy and Merlin are forced to work together to save the world.

Madame(M)Adding a little spice to a waning marriage, Anne and Bob, a wealthy and well-connected American couple, move into a manor house in romantic Paris. (Lake Cinema)

National Theatre: Yerma(CTC) Ayoung woman is driven to the unthinkable by her desperate desire to have a child in Simon Stone’s radical production of Lorca’s achingly powerful masterpiece. (Tower)

Rip Tide(G) When a damaging video of a modelgoes viral she departs for to spend time with her aunt.

Shopkins: World Vacation(G)When the Shoppies go on a vacation to London to meet Royal Crown Jules, Kooky Cookie gets caught up in a diamond heist and goes missing.

The Big Sick(M)Pakistan-born comedian Kumail Nanjiani and grad student Emily Gardner fall in love but struggle as their cultures clash. (Regal)

The Emoji Movie(G)A multi-expressional emoji, sets outto become a normal emoji.

The Lego Ninjago Movie(PG) Six ninjasare tasked with defending their island home, Ninjago.

The Mountain Between Us (M)Stranded after a tragic plane crash, two strangers must forge a connection to survive the extreme elements of a remote snow covered mountain.

The Time of Their Lives(M)A former Hollywood star enlists the help of a friend to traveltoFrance for her ex-lover’s funeral. (Regal)

The Wiggles: Nursery Rhymes (G)For the first time ever The Wiggles Nursery Rhymes is on the big screen.

Victoria and Abdul(PG) Queen Victoria strikes up an an unlikely friendship with a young Indian clerk named Abdul Karim.

THEATREAnother WayEngaging look at the labels people use to define sexuality, gender and mentalhealth; developed by director Lizzie Doyle and the cast from their experiences. RoyalExchange, Newcastle. Friday and Saturday, at 8pm.

n Burlesque Festival 2017Sizzling cabaret and variety, with a touringinternational cast headed by Dolores Daiquiri, La Viola Vixen, Bettie Bombshell, Honey B.Goode and Ruby Slippers. Lizotte’s, Lambton. Thursday, dinner and show from 6pm, showonly 8.30pm.

CinderellaGetting to Know production for young performers of the Rodgers andHammerstein musical version of the classic fairy tale. Young People’s Theatre, at itsHamilton theatre. Saturday at 2pm and 7pm, and Sunday at 2pm, until October 28.

Fair RetailSatirical look at supermarket employees coping with nasty managers andobnoxious customers; based by Newcastle University Drama Society members on their ownexperiences. The Factory Theatre, at St. Pius X High School, Adamstown. Saturday andSunday, at 8pm.

HomeThe Tantrum Youth Arts Trajectory Ensemble looks through poetry, myths, songsand interviews at what it means to feel at home or to lose that feeling. Civic Playhouse,Newcastle. Nightly at 8pm, until Saturday; plus 11am matinee Friday.

Love’s Labour’s LostA young king, who has sworn an oath to avoid women while hestudies, tries to get around it when an attractive foreign princess arrives making legaldemands in Shakespeare’s comedy. Newcastle Theatre Company, at its Lambton. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 8pm, until October 21, plus 2pmSaturday, October 14.

The Edith Piaf Storyn artiste Nikki Nouveau tells,in story and song, the life oflegendary Parisian performer Edith Piaf. Lizotte’s, Lambton onSunday. Lunch and show from 12pm.

The Vicar of DibleyA woman who is one of the first female ministers appointed in Englandby the Anglican Chuch in 1992 has to fight prejudice because of her sex; comedybased on the popular television series. DAPA Theatre, Hamilton. Friday, at 7.30pm, Saturdayat 2pm and 7pm, and Sunday, at 2pm, until October 21.

Wanderers satisfied after historic win puts coach loss to bed



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In the week leading into their round one clash, Western Sydney Wanderers were adamant their hopes of a successful campaign weren’t left in tatters by the abrupt departure of their coach Tony Popovic.

???They put on a brave face for the public, rallied internally to ensure morale would not drop and caretaker coach Hayden Foxe vowed not to make any tactical tweaks for the sake of stability. To see that transpire into an impressive performance and their first ever win in the opening round of an A-League season on Sunday night, there was only one way midfielder Roly Bonevacia could describe the feeling.

“It feels very satisfying. Very, very satisfying,” he said. “Especially because the crowd, the fans, the media as well ??? for me personally, it’s very satisfying.”

The Wanderers created history with their 2-1 win over Perth Glory at Spotless Stadium. They were disciplined in defence, as they always are, but far more fluid in possession, creative in attack and more clinical in front of goal than last season.

New signing Bonevacia put in a man-of-the-match performance, shining alongside Spanish marquee Alvaro Cejudo who received a standing ovation from the fans. The duo showed signs of promise in their first competitive game together and the Dutch attacking midfielder believes there’s more to come as the club chases its first A-League title.

“We will get better and better because this was the first game now and our first real game so we will improve more and more and more. We will get stronger and I can say we are going for the championship,” he said.

Captain Robbie Cornthwaite says those title hopes never wavered despite Popovic walking out on the team a week before the season started to join Turkish club Karabukspor. Cornthwaite spoke to the players before Sunday’s match reminding them of their targets which haven’t changed.

“I just said to the players before the game that we want to make history this year and obviously win the grand final,” he said. “If we can make history for ourselves then maybe we can be successful.”

While the Wanderers were pleased with their performance and the result, they weren’t satisfied with their finish to the match. They allowed Glory to creep back into the contest through a deflected own goal and had to rely on a number of superb saves from goalkeeper Vedran Janjetovic to hang on.

“Still a lot of improving to do. Still would like to close out the game a bit better and control the second half a little bit more, but we probably could have put the game to bed in the first half and early in the second half,” Cornthwaite said.

Ivana Trump still won’t forgive Donald Marla Maples



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It was the talk of New York City and now Ivana Trump is revisiting Donald Trump and Marla Maples’ public affair for the sake of her new memoir.

In Raising Trump, set to be released next week, the 71-year-old US President’s first ex-wife, 68, opens up about the first time she was confronted by Maples, 53, on the scenic slopes of Aspen.

“This young blonde woman approached me out of the blue and said ‘I’m Marla and I love your husband. Do you?'” writes Trump.

“I said ‘Get lost. I love my husband.’ It was unladylike but I was in shock.”

She first spoke about the confrontation (that some say was verbal, others physical, depending on who you ask) in 1991 in a 20/20 interview with Barbara Walters. Donald reportedly tried to cut off her spousal maintenance after the interview aired, claiming she had violated the terms of their divorce settlement.

“I can only shake my head at how insane [the coverage of the marriage split] was. I couldn’t turn on the television without hearing my name,” Trump adds.

Speaking to CBS ahead of the book launch, the former model from what’s now the Czech Republic was still unable to refer to Maples, Donald’s second ex-wife, by name.

“I don’t talk about her. She’s a showgirl. Never achieved anything in her life,” Trump said of the woman who immortalised Donald in a 1990 New York Post headline as “The Best Sex I Ever Had”.

She still lays the blame on Maples for the affair.

“Well, she was flirting … and I think she was flirting and and she got away with it,” she said.

Trump was married to the real estate magnate from 1977 to 1992 and they have three adult children together – Donald Jr., 39, Eric, 33, and Ivanka, 35. The book primarily focuses on raising them, even detailing how she thinks Ivanka is suited to the White House.

“Maybe in fifteen years, she could run for president?” she writes.

“First Lady? Holds no appeal for me personally. First Mother? That could work.”

Despite their bitter divorce, she is back on good terms with the President, speaking to him once a week and regularly offering him advice.

“He ask me about, ‘Should I tweet? Should I not tweet?’ I said, ‘I think you should tweet. It’s a new way, a new technology. And if you want to get your words across rightly, without telling The New York Times, which is going to twist every single word of yours, this is how you get your message out,'” she added to CBS.

The Lowdown: China v Syria



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v Syria at ANZ Stadium, 8pm (AEDT) on Tuesday. Live on Fox Sports and Channel Nine.

Possible team (3-2-4-1): Ryan; Degenek, Sainsbury, Jurman; Luongo, Milligan; Leckie, Mooy, Rogic, Smith; Cahill.

Key player: Tom Rogic

Huge moment: Creative midfielder Tom Rogic. Photo: Paul Rovere

The Celtic midfielder was used sparingly in the first leg in Malaysia, playing just seven minutes in the sapping heat with a plan to keep ‘s best attacking weapon fresh for the return tie. Rogic will almost certainly start on Tuesday night and will be licking his lips at the prospect of facing a Syrian defence weakened by suspensions. The 24-year-old is without doubt the Socceroos’ best game-breaker. He could be entrusted with a free role behind the striker where he will be licensed to create, torment and toy with his opponents. He proved he can rise in the big occasions with a decisive goal against Saudi Arabia in Adelaide and another strong performance in this campaign will consolidate his role as ‘s most exciting talent. Syria

Possible team (4-4-2): Alma; Ajan, Somi, Al-Baour, Al-Shbli; Jeniat, Haj Mohammed, Al-Midani, Mawas; Al-Soma, Al-Khatib.

Key player: Firas Al-Khatib

Syria’s Firas Al Khatib, left, playing against Japan. Photo: AP

Surprisingly, Syria’s captain did not start the first leg, but was influential in his role off the bench as they clinched a controversial 1-1 draw. With Omar Kharbin suspended, Al-Khatib will certainly return to the starting lineup to partner the ever-dangerous Omar Al-Soma in attack. Al-Khatib will play the architect’s role, liberating Al-Soma to poach, with his creative brand of attack. A stocky yet powerful forward, Al-Khatib is also clinical in front of goal. He offers Syria an alternative option from set pieces and will one of the threats must guard carefully. Key battle

Trent Sainsbury v Omar Al-Soma

Trent Sainsbury at Socceroos training in Malaysia. Photo: FFA

The ever-present danger of the Al-Ahli forward kept the Socceroos’ backline on their toes in the first leg and little will change in Sydney. Al-Soma will be the focal point of Syria’s attack, meaning ‘s leader in defence will be entrusted with the job of marking him out of the game. Not only is Sainsbury one of the first names on the team sheet under the guidance of Ange Postecoglou, but widely regarded as ‘s best defender. Should he justify that growing reputation by keeping Al-Soma quiet, it will be another feather in the cap of the young defender who’s already a stalwart of this national team.

Supercars warns Newcastle hotels to lower rates



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Supercars warns against hotel price gouging CROWDED HOUSE: Fans at a Supercars event at the foreshore in April. Race organisers fear costly accommodation will scare off visitors. Picture: Marina Neil

An artist’s mock-up of part of the Newcastle track.

CROWDED HOUSE: Fans at a Supercars event at the foreshore in April. Race organisers fear costly accommodation will scare off visitors. Picture: Marina Neil

Supercars drivers James Courtney, Shane van Gisbergen and Chas Mostert inspect the Newcastle main straight last month. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

TweetFacebookSupercars has forecast the racewill attract 16,000 visitors to the city,but chief operating officer Shane Howard saidtourism operators should be careful not to discourage repeat business.

“Newcastle 500 is a tourism play and is a huge opportunity for the city and the region,” Mr Howard said in a statement to the Herald.

“It will be the biggest influx of people Newcastle has ever seen. That’s why it is important to take a sensible approach for the longer term.

“We have found at other debut events, Townsville as an example, there is a very real danger of accommodation becoming too expensive and having a negative effect over time.”

Shane HowardHerald spoke to said critics failed to take into account the “massive” disruption to Newcastle tourism businesses during the track’s construction.

“With what we’re all having to go through currently … to be honest, you need to put your rates up.

“It’s all very good to get these articles out saying everybody’s being ripped off by high accommodation, but nobody seems to be thinking about all of the impact everyone’s going through.”

‘Think of the children’: developers reject view that Sydney is full



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Developer lobby groups have reacted to a poll in which two-thirds of NSW residents declared Sydney was “full” by seeking to refocus the debate on housing affordability and the need to provide homes for future generations.

Fairfax Media reported on Monday that a ReachTel poll found that 66.4 per cent of NSW respondents oppose more development in existing areas to accommodate a bigger population.

The findings come amid rising tensions over plans by the Greater Sydney Commission for hundreds of thousands of new apartments in “priority precincts” in the next 20 years to accommodate population forecasts.

But Property Council of NSW executive director Jane Fitzgerald said the “well overdue discussions” about Sydney’s sustainable growth should focus on “what we want from our future, not what we don’t”.

“Our children and their children deserve to have jobs and homes near us, their parents, in the decades to come so sustainable growth that meets the demands of a growing population is critical,” she said.

She added that growth meant not only more homes but also “hospitals, new roads and transport options, and green spaces”.

“We must start with a question of what we want from our city, our built environment and our shared future rather than a Mexican standoff that will result in poor outcomes,” Ms Fitzgerald said.

Chris Johnson, chief executive of the Urban Taskforce, which represents apartment developers, said the poll results “reflect the tensions of change”.

Mr Johnson said the result “avoids the reality of Sydney moving from a suburban to an urban model”.

“The average size of the n detached house is the highest in the world and it’s not hard to see how this also leads to Sydney house prices being one of the least affordable in the world,” he said.

“The two-thirds of Sydneysiders who oppose more development in Sydney are likely to be those that own suburban houses, while those who support the development of inner metropolitan Sydney are likely to be those looking for affordable homes.”

Mr Johnson said a focus on building smaller apartments around railway stations “will give the children and grandchildren of suburban families opportunities to buy into affordable housing”.

“Younger generations are also increasingly interested in more urban cosmopolitan lifestyles that come with a shared economy approach,” he said.

The government says its priority precincts are designed “to recognise local character, deliver more open and active recreation space and create employment opportunities at the same time as delivering the increased types of housing our city needs”.

A-League: F3 derby win does not alter Jets flight path says Topor-Stanleyvideo. photos



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SO CLOSE: Nikolai Topor-Stanley was denied by the post in the 5-1 win over the Mariners. The defender hopes to improve his strike rate in front of goal. Picture: Sproule Sports FocusNIKOLAI Topor-Stanley has been in the A-League too long to get carried away by one result –good or bad.

The towering defender played a key role in the Jets’ 5-1 rout of the Central Coast Mariners on Saturday.

The result set a number of club records and propelled the Jets to the top of the table after round one for the first time in eight years.

Defender: Win doesn’t alter Jets’ flight path TweetFacebookSo close but so far. @NewcastleJetsFC defender talks about hitting post and the 5-1 won over @[email protected]@newcastleheraldpic.twitter成都夜网/BPnFdUGvYH

— James Gardiner (@JamesGardiner42) October 9, 2017

Topor-Stanley was unlucky not to get on the scoresheet himself,denied by the post after getting his head to searching Dimi Petratos freekick in the 22nd minute with the scores at 1-all.

“The keeper got a finger to it,” he said. “It was on target.That is half a goal in my books.”

Topor-Stanley, who stands 191cm, is a genuine threat from set pieces but hasn’t scored a goal since the final round of the 2013-14 season.

It is a statistic he is keen to improve, especially with the precision of Dimi Petratos and Ronny Vargas from dead-ball situation.

“That is part of my job description,” he said.

“I have to be up there. I set myself a target of scoring a handful of goals every season.

“It hasn’t come off that way, but I still believe in myself and believe I can score.”

At the other end, Topor-Stanley and defensive partner Nigel Boogaard were dominant. Topor-Stanley made nine clearances and three interceptions and won everything in the air.

“I thought Nikolai was outstanding,” coach Ernie Merrick said. “His partnership with Nigel was top class.”

The goal the Jets conceded came from a corner, which skimmed the head of Mariners defender Jake McGing and went in off the leg of Spaniard Asdrubal.

“It is never pleasing to concede from a set piece as a defender,” Topor-Stanley said. “We will look at it and I’m sure the coaching staff will give is feedback on where we can do better.”

Next for the Jets is Perth Glory at McDonald Jones Stadium on Sunday and the dynamic attacking duoof Diego Castro and Andy Keogh.

“They have a plethora of attacking options in that team so wewill be up against it,” Topor-Stanley said. “But we are at home and we also have a great arsenal. That was clear on the weekend and in pre-season.”

VIDEO: Rachel Maria Cox nominated for best live pop act



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VIDEO STAR: Rachel Maria Cox achieved a lifelong goal on Saturday when the indie musician’s song Stronger Lines debuted on Rage. Picture: Cath ConnellWHAT a massive week it’s been for Newcastle’s Rachel Maria Cox.

It all began on Saturday when the indie artist’s latest video for the singleStronger Lines debuted on ABC’s music institution Rage and continued on Tuesday when Cox was nominated forPop Live Act of the Year at the second annual National Live Music Awards.

It is judgedby industry figures, musicians and media and winners will beannounced onDecember 7.

DIY record label and booking agency, Sad Grrls Club, which Cox founded and manages, was also nominated for the Industry Achievement award.

Cox would be considered the rank outsider to win best pop live actup againstAmy Shark,Client Liaison,Confidence Man andMontaigne. However Cox is ecstatic just to be sharing theircompany.

“I’m still trying to process it, seeing my name on that list with so many massive artists,” Cox said.

Rachel Maria Cox – Stronger LinesGang Of Youths, who feature Newcastle drummer Dom Borzestowski, were nominated forLive Act of the Year andpeople’s choice Live Act Of The Year and Maitland’s Groovin The Moo is up for NSW’s Live Event of the Year.

Cox’s nomination has capped off an exciting couple of months for the National Music Academy vocal specialist.

In August Coxreleased adebut album, Untidy Lines, to rave reviews, supported Ali Barter and Alex Lahey in Newcastle and triple J Unearthed afforded Cox withthe opportunity to shoot a film clip for Stronger Lines made bytheNational Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA).

“For me the song is about mental health recovery and surrounding yourself with people who support you in terms of recovery and accepting that it’s progress, not perfection,” Cox said.

HONKYTONKS TOE-TAPPING: Kate Oliver is bringing her honkytonk sounds straight from the Northern Territory.

THE meeting between Newcastle bluegrass queen Gleny Rae and Northern Territory country troubadour Kate Oliver in 1999 at theAdelaide River CountryMusic Talent Questwas a pivotal moment for both women.

As Rae explains, it was a meeting of two minds from the same musical heritage.

“We have found an interest in country music that springs from the ‘50s, like music with a rock’n’roll and swing influence,” Rae said.“Kate loves Elvis Presley and Patsy Cline and we both love that pure danceable rootsy country style.”

That friendship has since blossomed into a fully-fledged tour, the Honkytonk Revival Show, which also features Sydney-based bluegrass band Rob Luckey & The Lucky Bastards.

The Honkytonk Revival Show kicks off on Friday at the Stag and Hunter Hotel, before hitting Maitland’s Grand Junction Hotel on Saturday and travelling south to Melbourne.

The concert willshowcaseOliver, Rae and Luckey’s various honkytonk originals and covers.

It’ll alsolaunch Oliver’s album Big News In A Small Town, which was produced by Rae last year at Robbie Long’s Funky Lizard studio at Kotara.

“It was bit of a geographical challenge, because Kate was travelling down from the Northern Territory,” Rae said.

“She’d come down and do a session over a couple of days to work on the songs. So it’s got lots of Newcastle musicians and other touring musicians who are friends of mine.”

PAPER TURNERNEWCASTLE musician Grace Turner will lend her hauntingly beautiful vocal to fellow local act Paper Thin for a special one-time-only performanceon Sunday night.

Paper Thin are launching their EP Living With. Being Without at the Cambridge Hotel with support from Melbourne band Self Talk and Newcastle act Safe Hands.

Turner appeared on Paper Thin’s track When You Calland accepted frontman Spencer Scott’s invitation to perform several more songs with the punk band at the EP launch.

FRITZ ON VIDEOFritz – Yuk!DESPITE being head deep in HSC study 17-year-old indie artist Tilly Murphy, aka Fritz, is still pushing through with her musical endeavours.

The year 12St Francis Xavier’s College student released two live performancesofher lo-firockersYuk! and Sandpaper Hands this week.

The tracks were recorded at Woodriver Studios withher band ofCampbell Burns (Vacations),Darren James (Arcades and Lions) and April Caslick (Liberties).

GOING ON A BEAR HUNT TOURBRISBANE grunge revivalists The Bear Hunt are taking their new EPFallen On Deaf Earson the road.

The Bear Hunt, led by the charismatic voice of frontwomanBec Wilson,will play at the Lass O’Gowrie Hotel on October 25.

The band’sdebut album To Be Honest enjoyed success in the Queensland capital’s music scene, through the singles Ready Or Not and Movie Star.Fallen On Deaf Ears will be released on Friday.

The Bear Hunt’s sound is described as sludge-pop and draws inspiration fromthe likes of ‘90s legends PJ Harvey, Soundgarden and Dinosaur Jr.

Your Home: Give wide board timber floors a go



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Boral Timber has introduced a wider board option to its engineered flooring portfolio, available in the popular n hardwood species of Blackbutt and Spotted Gum.

The new Boral Engineered Wideboard Flooring comes in 186mm wide, onestrip boards featuring a matte sheen brushed finish that highlights the natural colour and features of the timber.

Boral Timber national sales and distribution manager, Leon Travis, said open plan interiors and larger living spaces were ideal for integrating the wide board look.

“Engineered flooring has become a popular choice for both new build projects and renovations, delivering a striking timber floor with the benefit of a quick and easy installation over many surfaces,” he said.

“Homeowners now have the option of two popular widths – 134mm and 186mm wide boards – to create a stunning room makeover, or update flooring throughout their house or apartment [excluding wet areas].

“Pre-finished with seven layers of 10 per cent matte sheen UV cured acrylic coating, the 4mm nominal hardwood top layer allows resanding and recoating for a long service life.

“The board has a four-side Uniclic 14mm profile for a tight board-to-board fit and a smooth consistent finish.”

The new wider boards are also offered in a 2.2m length which is longer than the 134mm boards.

Boral Engineered Wideboard Flooring can be laid over a level subfloor such as a concrete slab, particleboard or plywood sheeting, old timber floors and tiles.

A variety of quality underlays can be installed with the flooring to address floor levelling, cushioning and any acoustic concerns.

Boral Engineered Flooring is a sustainable engineered timber flooring choice. It is Chain of Custody certified by the n Forestry Standard, which has mutual recognition by the world’s largest forest management certifier, the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Scheme. This means the timber is produced using certified, legal and sustainably managed sources.

Details: Visit www.boral成都夜网.au/timber or call 1800 818 317.

Open plan interiors and larger living spaces are ideal for integrating the wide board look and timber is a good choice for building because it is a natural and renewable resource.